How we do it

Loyal customers via the Magneds Method

An online loyalty programme does more than just generate loyal customers. With a loyalty programme according to the Magneds Method, you get more out of your customers: more turnover and valuable data, for a sustainable customer relationship.

The Magneds Method for your loyalty strategy

Loyalty means something different for every brand. From increasing purchasing frequency for FMCG to visiting and spending for retailers, or lengthening customer duration for service providers. With the Magneds Method we give substance to the loyalty strategy that best matches your aims and your brand.

1. Identify

Loyalty begins at the first meeting. That is why we start by analysing the market, your target group and your branch and then recommend - using the Magneds Method - the loyalty strategy that best suits your brand. Your loyalty solution already begins to take shape in an initial concept.

2. Enrich

From your aims, we filter the customer behaviour we want to stimulate. In a customer contact strategy, we connect the touch points of your brand and apply the right mobile and web relationship as the bond of loyalty in your customer’s journey.

3. Stimulate

We use the strength of your loyalty solution as a 1-on-1 communication channel to motivate and stimulate your customers. We draw up an e-mail and notification plan and work it out to enable you to better reach and convert your customers.

4. Reward

A good loyalty programme ultimately depends on the right rewards. We put together a reward mix that best matches your brand and that motivates your customers. From discounts and gifts to badges and privileges. And we deliver that mix from A to Z.

5. Adjust

We analyse the data and the effect of your loyalty programme, always visible to you everywhere via the S7 dashboard. Using this, we then make the necessary adjustments to optimise the programme and let you continue to get everything out of your customers.